Voice broadcasting refers to a technology for sending voice messages in bulk. Voice broadcasting systems have been around for awhile as I’m sure everyone can attest to – it would be a rare person who has never received a voice broadcast message.

In the past, and even until quite recently, it cost a substantial amount of money to play the voice broadcasting game. Advertisers needed to purchase an auto dialer system, purchase a list of names, arrange for their message to be professionally recorded, and that’s all before sending a single message. At that point, the connect charges and the add-on fees would kick in.

Subscribers were charged on a per minute basis which in effect meant that even a partial minute was billed as a full minute. For example, a 15 second call would cost the same a one-minute call, and exceeding one minute even by only a few seconds would double the charge.

Furthermore, charges were incurred for every dial, whether the call connected or not. Thus, the advertisers would need a fresh list of names (at additional cost) or otherwise run the risk of getting charged for a high number of calls that never were received by a prospective customer.

With the advent of the Do-Not-Call (DNC) list, voice broadcast companies began charging an additional fee to scrub against the DNC list.

Due to the limited call volume (the number of calls being placed), the “connect” charges were high. Until recently, that meant 12 cents per minute or more.

iBuzzPro is Changing Things

A company called iBuzzPro has taken a close look at the voice broadcasting business and recognized that the key to success is to create a sufficient demand for the service such that the cost could be reduced. It’s a chicken and egg situation to decide whether higher demand drives down cost or lower cost spurs demand, but it doesn’t really matter.

iBuzzPro has developed a voice broadcasting system for everyone. It is not required to have any technical skill whatsoever to use this system. The steps of setting up the system, making a voice message recording, uploading the recording and phone list, and scheduling the broadcast can all be handled from an easy to use interface.

Since the iBuzzPro system has been designed for the small businessmen and entrepreneurs, the cost to use the system is a driving factor. The system itself can be purchased for $500 plus a set-up fee of $50. The service requires a $27.98 per month subscription. 사설토토

A reasonable start-up cost is not all that iBuzzPro offers its customers. The iBuzzPro cost structure has four major advantages. First, the connect charge is only 3.9 cents per minute. This is a huge reduction that opens the door for higher volume. And with iBuzzPro, the initial call increment is only 30 seconds with longer messages billed in six second increments. Thus, it’s possible to send a message for less than 2 cents each (compared to 12 cents or more previously). Only paying for the time actually used can result in significant savings.

Taking the example of a 61 second call, the charge would be 4.3 cents (that is 3.9 cents for the first minute plus another 0.4 cents). Compare that to 24 cents, the cost incurred when the one-minute time increment is used at the old rate of 12 cents per minute.

Second, charges are only incurred on actual connected calls. No longer are subscribers forced to pay for busy signals and disconnected numbers.

Third, iBuzzPro does not charge anything extra to scrub against the DNC list.

Finally, last but not least, iBuzzPro provides free leads, millions of them. To help promote their call volume, the company has purchased lead lists and makes them available to subscribers.


Any small business owner or entrepreneur who needs to reach more people may want to consider voice broadcasting. It appears that the tipping point has been reached where this powerful advertising medium has become affordable for everyone, and iBuzzPro is leading the way.