Rajasthan is affluent in cultural aspects like glorious heritage, historically significant monuments and edifices with amazing architectural work. Apart from such attractions, Rajasthan houses the Great Thar Desert. Rajasthan has another significant thing to boast – wildlife – distinct from than being mentioned above. Rajasthan is a land which has been blessed by god’s best flora and fauna creations. The wild species of the region has been conserved via national parks and wild life reserves. The beautiful wild creations of nature can be best explored via safaris. Wildlife safaris will not let you miss a single place, giving you an unforgettable experience to cherish for life. There are different options of safaris which travelers can choose according their requisites.

Camel dubai desert safari deals would be perfectly ideal to explore the desert or semi-desert regions. It has been considered to be the favorite among tourists as they get an exclusive chance to ride a camel. However, one has to take extra care and know how to strike a balance on a camel. Travelling around the Thar Desert on a camel will leave you mesmerized and give a marvelous experience which you will never be able to forget.

If you love tigers and want to experience it in the natural surroundings then The Tiger Safari gives you a chance to track tigers by yourself in its natural habitat. Tiger safari doesn’t mean that you will be having a tiger ride just like the camel safari. Tiger safari is about paying a visit to the tigers of the forest via jeep or elephant. Therefore, it is also known as jeep safari or elephant safari. A visit to Ranthambore National Park is a must if you are opting for this kind of safari. Apart from tigers, one can also explore other wild animals and observe their intriguing lifestyle and daily activities.

Sariska national park is another fascinating park in the region, apart from Ranthambore National Park, to explore the wide variety of wilds and their lifestyles in their natural surroundings via safaris. The park proves to be a habitat of innumerable species of fauna. The third most prominent reserve in the region is the Bharatpur bird sanctuary also known as Keoladeo National Park which is famous for the mesmerizing bird safari. The park comprises myriads of bird species all of which are equally alluring and beautiful. It comprises some elegant water birds and exotic migratory birds too which comes from all over the world to this region in different seasons. It’s the best national park to explore the avifauna species. It is one of the ideal destinations in the world to go for a bird safari.