Running a blog for your business is a great way to generate leads. A blog is your funnel to drive people to buy your product or service.

The power of a blog is in its ability to draw visitors from multiple sources. Just by posting to your blog you can:

  • Grow your Opt-In Email list
  • Rank highly and quickly in Google search results
  • Maintain an active Twitter profile, automatically
  • Import all posts into Facebook to stay active, automatically
  • Build a blog subscriber-base
  • Start conversations with your ideal customers
  • (And increase your sales, of course!)

Not only can blogging be great fun, but it can also reduce your advertising costs down to zero.

Your blog is your public area to provide useful and timely information to both your new and existing audience, and prove your expertise to your target market by becoming a trusted advisor. In a time when advertising from big firms is impersonal and well-funded, this is your chance to cut through the clutter and connect directly with consumers and prospects.

A blog is essentially an online diary, but you have complete control over what you publish and when. Your newest posts show up at the top of the page and push all others down. Everything is stored online in chronological order, and can also be organised by categories and keywords for easy navigation.

It’s your blog, so you can write about whatever you want, from what your marketing strategy is, to your business successes, to your recruiting messages, to your team achievements.

A big part of your online marketing strategy should be a consideration of how you are seen through the eyes of Google. When you talk to a prospect, either online or offline, I can guarantee that they will search for your name in a search engine. If they will be partnering up with you, or joining your team, or even just buying your products, they will want to know who you are. They will want to know what people say about you online, they will want to know what your website is like, they will want to see what articles and posts you’ve written and published, and they will even try to find you on Facebook and Twitter.

When people are researching your business opportunity you want to make sure they not only find you, but find you to be an expert.